With that special day marked on the calendar, you would see chocolate packs, plush toys, and candies through glass walls of stores. But, do you know what happens around the world apart from America? No, then have a look at the ways in which countries celebrate the day as they shop Valentine’s Day gifts.

Traditions in Europe
The tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day is not the same across countries in Europe. In England, apart from the conventional exchange of flowers and chocolates, women place bay leaves next to their pillows. This might sound peculiar but the act is done with a belief that they would soon find a compatible match with whom they would tie knots. Moreover, you would observe them sprinkling rose water on such leaves. Well, you can find little ones beckoning Christmas in Norfolk. Anxiety just piles up when the day approaches fast. Children eagerly wait for Jack Valentine to knock their house and check out the goodies he would be carrying with him.

Far towards the south, the inhabitants of Italy celebrate Valentine’s Day as the spring festival. You can rewind your thoughts back to the times when you had read plays by Shakespeare. This is because poetries add to the enjoyment when vibrant youngsters have gathered near a park. Yet another exciting custom is that unmarried demoiselles go searching for young boys. As soon as they spot the first man, it’s decided that they should get prepared for the wedlock within a year.

Traditions in Asia
Quite evident, Asia sports a whole new set of customs. In South Korea, the dates are set for celebrations from February to April. As usual, giving away gifts start from Feb 14th. These include chocolates, flowers, and candies. But, the reverse happens in the month that follows February. March 14th is dubbed as ‘White Day’ because in addition to reciprocation of love by men through usual gifts something exclusive is offered to women. On the other hand, you would find less hustle on April 14th because unmarried individuals would be in a different disposition and gulp down black bean paste noodles and jjajangmyeon. Due to such a kind of custom all over, the day grabs the name, ‘Black Day’. China is a bit different when the special day is concerned. They celebrate ‘Qixi’, the Seventh Night Festival. Women carve creative designs on melon and other juicy fruits and pay homage to Zhinu, an age-old dame who voluntarily married a cowboy. Husband and wife visit nearby temples and stay awake to watch the union of stars, Vega and Altair. With the Philippines, you can see Western trend sweeping across the country. February 14th is the auspicious day for weddings or renew promises even when they had made resolutions a month back. Shopping malls and other areas become crowded with couples at a figure you can’t ever imagine.

Traditions in Africa
Interestingly, you can see a different custom all together in Africa. While women living in South Africa adorn themselves with heart shaped motifs sourced among Valentine’s gifts, men gather information about whom they love. To wrap it up, this points to a Roman tradition called Lupercalia.

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day. Hope you fulfill your dreams and share what’s on your mind with your girlfriend. We would be happy when you have chosen the right deals for Valentine’s Day.


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