Everyday is never the same and you should thereafter know more about Valentine’s Day. So, here’s a list of facts that would help you make the day unforgettable. You would seek the answers for the questions starting with ‘Why’. In case you wish to know more, then shop books along with deals for Valentine’s Day.

The first interesting fact we have found is that Saudi Arabia bans Valentine’s Day. This sound funny because you always see courtship among many Muslim households. While other countries celebrate the day with the exchange of chocolates, flowers or presents, people forbid doing so. Just like a blackout, you won’t observe any roadside activity or industries indulging in an enjoyable celebration time. Since years, wearing red outfits or selling objects painted with red color has been a taboo.

Though flowers and cards are common on this day, the percentage is quite different. While 34.3% of the people spend on purchasing flowers, 52.1% prefer to gift personalized cards for their soulmate. Believe it or not, almost 50% spread love in the air through jewelry and propose their partner with a ring. The day calls for dinner reservations and 34.6 is the actual percentage.

Yet another fact is that 53% of the women living in the US ditch their soulmates if they haven’t found appropriate Valentine’s gifts. Long back the Romans called it as the ‘Festival of Fertility’. This is unmarried people were scoped out and the days didn’t include the involvement of couples. Post disobedience, St. Valentine went against Emperor Claudius and ended up in secluding soldiers with women who were matured enough to be wives.

A meager number of pet owners showered love through attractive Valentine’s Day cards. This was known as ‘puppy love’. But, those who disliked the concept around the celebration, confined themselves indoors and prayed till sunset. They never took the risk of even meeting their old friends or someone whom they had known since years.

Quite interesting, despite the spread of wild roses across North America, it’s strange that South America still helps to import red roses. These were for those who find peace after professing love and desire to be romantic through a Hollywood style outcome. Even when singles thought that there were no girls to express feelings, a bash or a party was enough to give them lame excuses.

Many famous fast food joints organize something spectacular on February 14th. It might not be that exciting but is great for individuals who can’t afford to spend dimes after dimes. Needless to say, when foodstuffs are presented within seconds people prefer these joints for winding everything up in haste. Thinking about an inexpensive c
candle light dinner becomes easy with the menu.

Don’t know why red roses are considered among Valentine’s Day gifts on this special day? Then you must know. Red symbolizes passion and a bond intertwined with love. The goddess of Love, Venus accepted no other flowers than red roses. The funny part of it is that 75% men bought flowers and the number rises above 50 million years after year. You can’t deny the ever-increasing number of couples day by day. 


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