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al Everyday is never the same and you should thereafter know more about Valentine’s Day. So, here’s a list of facts that would help you make the day unforgettable. You would seek the answers for the questions starting with ‘Why’. In case you wish to know more, then shop books along with deals for Valentine’s Day.

The first interesting fact we have found is that Saudi Arabia bans Valentine’s Day. This sound funny because you always see courtship among many Muslim households. While other countries celebrate the day with the exchange of chocolates, flowers or presents, people forbid doing so. Just like a blackout, you won’t observe any roadside activity or industries indulging in an enjoyable celebration time. Since years, wearing red outfits or selling objects painted with red color has been a taboo.

Though flowers and cards are common on this day, the percentage is quite different. While 34.3% of the people spend on purchasing flowers, 52.1% prefer to gift personalized cards for their…


With that special day marked on the calendar, you would see chocolate packs, plush toys, and candies through glass walls of stores. But, do you know what happens around the world apart from America? No, then have a look at the ways in which countries celebrate the day as they shop Valentine’s Day gifts.

Traditions in Europe The tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day is not the same across countries in Europe. In England, apart from the conventional exchange of flowers and chocolates, women place bay leaves next to their pillows. This might sound peculiar but the act is done with a belief that they would soon find a compatible match with whom they would tie knots. Moreover, you would observe them sprinkling rose water on such leaves. Well, you can find little ones beckoning Christmas in Norfolk. Anxiety just piles up when the day approaches fast. Children eagerly wait for Jack Valentine to knock their house and check out the goodies he would be carrying with him.

Far towards the south, …