Living the story - The Hiding Place

Y esterday, while scrolling down my list, I came across this name - ' The Hiding Place ' by Corrie Ten Boom and it reminded me of an incident worth reminiscing. We were in our classroom, three girls, eight boys. The classroom was in the basement and would always appear quite scary to a newcomer. That winter evening, having completed the assignments, we began chit-chatting. One of our friends announced that he would tell us a horror story which he believed to be a real-life experience. He started narrating - "In our native village, there is a villa. Folks claim that it is haunted and once a person enters the villa, he never turns up. The villa is grand and beautiful. Yard has giant trees enriched with wildflowers and ground covered with uncontrolled shrubs and bushes. They seem to be lush green in all seasons even though there is no one to water and pamper them. At night, you can see the lights on the first floor. You can even hear some babbling noises from the villa. But,

Top 12 Classics To Read In 2019!

Hey, book lovers! Here is the list of 12 classics that you can’t miss upon! Let’s make it a goal for 2019.  To kill a mockingbird Author: Harper Lee Published: 1960 ‘ To Kill A Mockingbird ’ is America’s most-loved classic book. The book is recorded to sell a million copies every year. It needs to be read more than once if you want to inhale its essence fully. The book is quite slow. But, trust me! All the events make sense in the end. The book will leave you with some of the best lessons in life. It is really hard to find a plot that is as innocent, magnificent and powerful as this book.  War and Peace Author: Leo Tolstoy Published: 1867 The ' War and Peace ' is a complete experience in itself! You might feel daunted when you see the size of the book. But, take a leap! Multi-threaded stories and a large whizz of characters are the power cells of the book. The web of exploration of human brainwave and glory of history that the book brings along, is outstand

A Source Of Perfect Insights that Helps Grow Positive

As life brings new challenges every now and then, the best way to be prepared and tackle the situations with an ease is being versed with the right knowledge. Wish to survive with a tag of a specialist in the major areas of Business, Economics & Law ? Want to be known as the best in the business world? So, be the one and that too exactly as you wished by grasping and showering the right knowledge. Let whatever your requisites be; whether you wish to improve your knowledge or allocate the right information with the facts. The books available in the category known as Business, Economics & Law  will definitely help you to perform the best. As survival of employees as well as employers is becoming very complicated, one needs to understand the fact and try to be the best by keeping on sharpening their knowledge. If you are in a search of such eminent sources of right knowledge i.e. the Business, Economics & Law  books and finds it difficulties to have it on your d

A Worthy Collection That Fits The Searches The Best!

A good read is always a better partner for all the books lovers. Let whatever the genre be; an inspirational script or an adventurous journey, everyone prefers books according to their preference. As this group of people finds peace in the art of literature, the collection with different genres matters them the most. I have often seen people being crazy about the editions i.e. series and this craze is nowhere superior or inferior in compared to the craze for other categories. Like every other product, people do wait for several editions of the best books to get publish and tries to even put their hands on them by availing better discounts or sales. Most of the readers do reads books as they replicate the knowledge garnered from the book to their life’s practicality. One prominent online store that celebrates Valentine’s Day with all the will and provides undivided attention-oriented books is . The store works standardized, still holds a greater recognition i

Christmas Books Bonanza Begins!

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A Right Knowledge Helps Achieve Success In A Better Way

A healthy lifestyle is all, that millions dream of to achieve every single day. Exercising, practicing workout, being diet conscious, etc. are all what one does to accomplish healthy living. Does one achieve it? Does one opt the right way of practice to achieve their goal? Are verbal ideas working the best for you? If not, then one must opt for a better option that is purchasing a book that serves information about Health, Fitness & Dieting . In a race to be more fit, people forgets to look after the facts that whether the implicated practice will suit them or not. Yes! I do agree, there are many who run for better physics, some even opt in leaving by comparison, though, knowing what’s good for the health is a better option. No doubt, a magazine or a health and fitness book will definitely cater more information than verbally spoken words. Information affiliated in the book assures more positive possibility in comparatively, as the information caters are approved by var


Do you know why spirituality books should be opted for keeping yourself busy? If ‘no’ then you must go through the benefits that have been mentioned below. Truly, when you know about such books you would be a voracious reader no matter what might be the age. A religion book is always a company on the go. Learning about spiritual life helps in a better way to bloom seeds within your heart. It expands your vision just like an orchid full with fruits. It fills your mind with practices which are never known to you and ideas never thought about. Through spiritual books, you can be in the large reserves of celebration and pleasure and at the same get a opportunity to interact with people who show kindness and gratitude. Lastly, it gives you an awareness of teachers and helps you to rejoice even when there are many ups and downs in your life. Reading along with a review keeps souls alive day after day. You would surely be developing an interest that makes it certain to ignite the