The Ergodebooks family wishes all its customers a happy back to school day. Education is indeed an important milestone in every kid’s life. It is impossible to survive in this extremely competitive world without good education. At Ergodebooks, we believe a fifteen-minute read every day can go a long way in shaping the child’s personality. What could be a better gift than the gift of knowledge? Keeping this in mind, we are back with our Back to school sales, where we are availing books/novels at discounted rates. 

From story books to art and craft, we have a range of books for your little ones. It is important for kids to cultivate the habit of reading. Reading keeps one busy and also helps in improving interpersonal skills. Reading helps in increasing concentration levels and improving one’s language skills. The more one reads, the better he/she can deal with life and its challenges. The future of our beloved country is highly dependent on children and youngsters of today. 
Let us encourage these little ones to inculcate the worthy habit of reading and turn themselves into beautiful individuals. 

Our collection of books for beginners of all age groups is something you should definitely check out. Reading could be boring, excruciating and monotonous at first, but once you get a knack of it, nothing like it. There’s a reason why books are called a man’s best friend. 
Once you find your best friend in a book, you will never feel lonely in your life. You will forever have a companion who will be there for you no matter what. Books are not just stories, they are experiences that come straight from people’s hearts and can teach us great life-lessons.
These life-lessons go a long way in helping kids develop their temperament and personality. Books tend to make kids more empathetic towards other individuals, which is again a very important quality. 

The beginning of an academic year marks happiness, excitement and new beginnings. What could be better than a book to kick start the year on a good note? We have a range of genres to select from. From fiction to sci-fi, to biographies and autobiographies, you have a variety to choose from for your kids. Look for what interests your kid the most, and surprise them with our back to school offer books. 
We at Ergodebooks are more than happy to be the reason for your kid’s happiness. 


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