When Christmas is the time to shower unconditional love and express from the bottom of your heart, there’s a lot that you can teach kids about the true spirit. Rather than fulfilling their list as December draws to a close, you should tone things this year. Help them perceive that the festival revolves around showing love, caring and giving. Don’t know how? Then, you should scroll ahead and consider something as you keep your children busy with books for Christmas.
A great way of starting off is to enjoy narrating stories from books that illustrate parables related to the birth of Christ. You could either start as December begins or a few weeks prior when Christmas is arriving soon. Well, these stories work way beyond in developing habits and in seeking the pleasure of gifting others. Remind them about gifts of myrrh, frankincense and gold which the wise men laid down before the Lord. Once your little one knows everything about this incident, they would become creative in buying gifts to those close to their heart.
Make the child understand that Santa Claus doesn’t bring those goodies which he or she always longed for. A story would surely instill a feeling of kindness and a joy of reciprocating love to family members. In addition, when they start developing an interest, the kids would understand the value of every tradition and custom that has been followed since many centuries.
Yet another book that you can go for is the Bible. Think about a compilation which is easy to comprehend and which can be referred almost at any point in time. This is because your kids are toddlers and they ought to know how they should face ups and downs in life through the word of god. Just like other households, you too should make it point to bolster confidence in your little one’s heart  and replenish the spiritual energy that rests within them.
Apart from spiritual books, you can set a mood to watch animated films or Hollywood movies that focus on verses stated in the holy book. Think about making them watch a film based on ten commandments or better still heroes who paced ahead without losing faith in god. Well, this would inculcate a habit to have utmost faith as they persevere in whatever they wish to pursue in the long run. Not just that, characters in Christmas card books would drive away the fear of feeling lonely later in life. It would make them aware about the love of god and that Christ never forsakes anyone as each year passes by.

Finally, there’s another purpose of Christmas books for children. These build a sense of gratitude as well as care for those who are needy and poor. Moreover, they won’t hesitate to shower love and boast or compare themselves with others.


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