When your loved ones are not aware of facts associated with Thanksgiving Day, then could think about telling them something interesting listed below. Truly, you would be speaking more about the traditions followed on the day.
Roasted Turkey which is an all time favorite recipe on Thanksgiving Day, suffer heart attacks. This because when the sound barriers were demolished a sea of Turkeys passed away. This has occurred when the Air Force conducted test runs.
With its origin in Louisiana, Turducken gained popularity when Thanksgiving Day offers were announced in the city. This is nothing but a bird which is a duck packed with chicken. It contains fewer bones when compared to normal birds and surprisingly it was stuffed with boneless chicken. While this still remained a custom, the remaining gaps as well as the cavity was filled with seasoned breadcrumbs to make it for a lip-smacking dish. Stuffings differed from region to region and inhabitants of the South made them from cornbread while others used white bread as the base. Seafood like oysters and fruits like raisins, apples as well as chestnuts are some of the foodstuffs included in the stuffing. Alternatively, Dungeness crab was considered as a prominent dish due to the crab season beginning from the first week of November.
Though Thanksgiving Day was marked on the calendar to have a time of celebration, people were quite disappointed later on. With the objective of stretching the season for holiday shopping, Franklin D. Roosevelt broadcasted the day to be third Thursday in November in the years 1939, 1940, and 1941. On the other hand, Thomas Jefferson put forth that it was the most peculiar idea ever heard about for what Thanksgiving meant to be. This led to a deep impact on Thanksgiving Day sales.
It was observed that in October 1777, 13 colonies celebrated the day on account of the conquest of the British Empire at Saratoga. Christopher Columbus thought that America was associated with India and come up with the belief that Turkeys are a type of Peacocks.This caused him to nickname the bird ‘tuka’ which means ‘Peacock’ in Tamil, one of the languages spoken in Southern India. Furthermore, Benjamin Franklin desired Turkey to be the national bird recognized in the USA.  
After the tradition, three locations nestled in the USA named after Turkey. These were Turkey, Texas; Turkey Creek, LA, and Turkey, NC. Besides, there are nine towns around ‘Turkey’ with three of them situated in Kansas.

Quite interestingly, the number of Turkeys dipped by 3 percent in 2005 when compared with the figure in 2004. As per the findings, 256 million was the number of turkeys nurtured in the USA for the year 2005. The cumulative weight of birds developed in 2004 was 7.3 million pounds and was worth $3.1 million the value.


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