If you take out time from your hectic schedule, then you would realize how cruel your child is. While a face to face conversation or during the time spent at the park, the remarks that you would hear might be disparaging enough to hurt others. But, you as a parent should put an end to this by aiding your little one to be kind but at the same time to be generous and helpful. Here are tips to think about when developing relationships is a big issue. Time flies away, and so the generation changes rapidly with each passing day. There are many parenting books available online that help you teach well.
  • Help your child to understand what a good friend is like. This would inculcate fidelity, trust, accepting faults and many more attributes. You can spend a good time with him by narrating short stories which have a moral to learn at the end. A major benefit could be for tackling situations no matter how important they might be to the kid. Companionship is the key to his success at high school and in the years that which are still yet to begin. Relationship books can come handy at such as instance.
  • Never adhere to the ‘No’ policy. Help little ones comprehend the potential of scolding them for your their faults. It could be due to his personal outlook, his mind or other personality traits. In case you always use the words ‘you are dumb’, then you shouldn’t because the kid would continue to do the same things all over again. Tolerate insults when your little one responds in a harsh manner. Understand that they are still young and you need to give them space to grow up.
  • In case you think that your child in moving on the wrong track, then it’s time to explain him the right way. This can be accomplished by using idioms, phrases or quotes in your conversations. Time would tell if this doesn’t work. Instead, you can persuade him to do it your own way through a short story which would change his mind’s eye. Remember, as much as it easier to mould a child, it is tough to change his traits as he grows old. Use a polite way or share your experiences when you were once a fumbling toddler like him.
  • Picking faults is something bad that parents often do. So, you need to probe into what’s happening with him all throughout the day. The best time would be when he is back from school or at night when is about to doze off. Advice him till a certain age of what should be from within. Later, observe him closely and then decide what should be next step.
  • Keeping him busy is yet another tip to make him friendly. It could involve little things like serving juices when guests arrive or letting him help you handle the grocery along with you at the marketplace. This step would not only make him understand that you are not going to be after him always but also give way for him to shoulder responsibilities no matter how little it might appear.


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