When you think of an individual being healthy and fit, the first thing that comes into your mind is that he or she performs the activity without facing any major consequences. It could involve anything from jogging distant miles, going for brisk walks for a long span of time to doing things under strenuous conditions. But, for all such activities, you need strong muscles, a good circulatory system and aerobic fitness to supply sufficient amount of oxygen to the human body. Maintaining such a kind of physique truly defines the phrase ‘being fit’. Don’t know about the benefits? Read ahead to know more.

Improves Intelligent Quotient (IQ)
It’s would surely amaze you when you know that staying healthy enhances the IQ of the human being. Even though it’s unclear what drives this benefit, it’s the oxygen that reaches the brain and the motor cortex. Not just that, there’s a hike in the level of hormones which include dopamine and endorphins. According to a test, regular exercises help to improve memory and concentrate on a certain task in a much better way.

Improves mood
Due to the phenomenal upsurge in the production of hormones, dopamine, and endorphins while running and other exercises, it creates a mood state called as ‘runner’s high’ which causes a person to get hooked on things which they like most. Over a period of time, a radical change in the mood might occur permanently but for the betterment. In case your are unsure which type of exercises you need to do, then find them out through fitness books.

Safeguards from cardiovascular diseases
Any exercise strengthens your heart and aids to boost the performance of this fist-sized organ. The function of pumping blood gets accelerated and helps humans to keep themselves away from heart attacks or any other heart ailment. You could just imagine as if you are strengthening your biceps with the help of a dumbbell. If you are on a diet, then you could refer health and fitness books either through online portals or the nearest marketplace.

Induces a sound sleep
Exercising regularly helps you to sleep with a peaceful mind all throughout the night. It slashed the accumulated stress in your mind and leads to increase in the supply of oxygen in the body. After the night’s slumber, you feel as if you have woken up to start off a day like never before.

Slows down aging
Since exercises meet the prime purpose of improving the circulatory system, it increases the production rate of the growth hormone which has an impact on healing cells spread in the body. Moreover, ailments due to cholesterol deposits gear up circulation and prevent hypertension with blood vessel rupture as one of the symptoms.

Reduces the likelihood of diabetes
Why become a diabetic patient when you know exercises can help eliminating it? When you shape your body as you move ahead each day, your weight remains stable and fat loss takes place at a fast pace. This reduces the problems faced due to insulin released by the liver. Do skim through health books for acquiring knowledge of suitable food items that need to be consumed.

Improves lung capacity
Jogging and exercises help you to inhale air thus increasing the VO2 max to a new level. When you like a pro swim underwater, it boosts the capability of not feeling giddy at high altitudes. Besides, it helps to fight back against the negative effects of smoking. 


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