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As the name suggests, helicopter parenting involves a close watch on the toddler’s activities. Nicknamed as ‘Overparenting’, such a style may include excessive protection and control when it’s actually not required. The term became popular long time back and was introduced in the dictionary in 2011. It applied to parents who are particular about what their children are up to even when they are mature enough to carry out the tasks. So, here are some reasons for which you shouldn’t go for helicopter parenting. To know more about such a kind of parenting, go through relationships books available online or the nearest bookstore. Most of the parents intend to adopt helicopter parenting with a good intention. But, the case is very much different in the later stages. Parents become strict and ultimately lose the perspective of what their children desire. Since fear and decisions engulf them all the time, kids won’t become independent in the long run. They would feel lonely and not get a chanc…


It might seem odd to spend more on calendars, but the case is very much different. Staying organized is what would help you in the long run. So, if you don’t know the advantages of using a calendar, then it’s better to read further. Wall calendars help you to have a quick look at your events. This aids you to pre-plan everything when that special day is around the corner. Even if you’re on a shoestring budget, you can think about saving money for the future. Nothing pays off at the eleventh hour or when you hurry up with the things on your ‘to-do’ list. For instance, when you have to organize a concert on Christmas Eve, then you would know what needs to be bought. While you have taken care of your expenses, you would realize that a good amount of money should be saved for having a great time. Furthermore, you can plan to strike off anything else that clashes with the date.    Yet another benefit of using a calendar is scheduling new events. When days are marked on the calendar, you are …


With the desire to capture moments, last year I bought a DSLR. The functions were much more than the built-in camera of a smartphone or a tablet. But, it actually ate away my time to learn photography in the smartest way possible. So, if you class yourself as a beginner, then here are some tips apart from the tricks mentioned in arts and photography books. For sure, these would be useful and would blow your mind. Follow the rule of thirds. Photos look better when the view is not placed in the center. For instance, if you would be clicking panoramic beauty then align it along with a grid, a mesh of vertical and horizontal lines. It splits the screen into 9 equal squares and sections. Well, the adjustment differs from subject to subject. While horizons can be aligned either to the bottom or top third line, position a foreground subject along the right or left third lines. Take a snap always from the eye level. With this logic in mind, you should change the viewing angle accordingly. It …