When you teach your little ones to say ‘Thank you’ on occasion of Thanksgiving Day, it probably doesn’t mean that it is a gesture that denotes gratefulness. This is because children are self-centered and it’s the matter of practice to take hold of these basic manners. So here’s with some tips that would instill a good behavior in your little ones and create an attitude which would grow all through adulthood.
No matter what the task might be, set an example and appreciate their involvement time away from their busy routine. For instance, if they have finished cleaning up their bedroom you can show great concern by saying “I’m glad that you gave your best to clean the cabinet.”. Much to your surprise, this encourages them to pick up tasks quickly and start saying thank you with each passing day. Well, that’s not all. In case you observe him helping his sister, then grab the opportunity by giving him a pat on his back for being nice to his sister.
Help them create a routine where they can thank for anything that’s happened during the day. You can jot down the routine either on a daily or weekly basis depending on the things scheduled day after day. Instead, you can request them to offer thanks before he retires to bed or when everyone has gathered at the dining table. Later, you can spend some time in discussing with him about reasons why he or she is grateful. While you plan to practice such a kind of routine, you can ask your kid to seek gratitude in things that he actually loves. He or she can be thankful for indulging outdoor activities on a sunny afternoon or after he has played a video game.
Make your little ones understand that when they receive a gift they should focus on the purpose behind the gift. Even though it might be drawing, make them realize the importance of giving and that thought actually count. This would not only add meaning to the act but also instill a feeling that someone really cares for them. This makes it simpler for the day to arrive as you buy Thanksgiving Day gifts.
Avoid making a comparison with his mates. Do keep in mind that every child is unique and has different strengths and weaknesses. These differ from individual to individual. Rather, you should educate them in an age-appropriate way that some kids don’t have toys and may not get the chance to savor food and adorn themselves with trendy outfits.  
Select the backward mode. Explain what you have to do for simple things like a bowl of porridge. The farmer cultivates crops, and after the harvest, these are sold in the marketplace. Later, you step out of the house and pay for it as you visit the local store. Once they become conscious about the effort that needs to put in for such things, they would value as well as appreciate them more often.
Finally, you can buy some books once the Thanksgiving Day sales have hit the streets. Your search would end as you have a look at the options available either in the market or at the online store.


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