Are you unaware of fun facts that are associated with Veterans Day in November? Then you shouldn’t get confused even when you have heard about Memorials Day. Surely, the factual information listed here would surely be a treat to share with your acquaintances.
Veterans Day is popularly known as Armistice Day which hails from the meaning that denotes an agreement made between the Allied Nations as well as Germany. Soon after the end of World War I on June 28, 1919, Armistice Day was proclaimed to be held on November 11, 1919.
Despite that fact that the day is declared as a State and Federal Holiday, shops are open on the weekend. So, if you are a shopaholic, then you should not search anywhere else when you would find Veterans Day offers all around the city. Besides, you would also observe advertisements pertaining to holiday bargains across shopping arcades or malls in the bustling city.
It’s true, that the prime objective of celebrating this holiday is to organize public meetings and parades. Moreover, you would see families visiting war memorials and cemeteries as well as shopping when Veterans Day sales are prevalent in the market. Such kinds of activities kindle little ones to pace ahead and aspire to be someone worthy to be recognized in life. Not just that, you would also hear government officials and veterans delivering speeches and let you remember the sacrifices that were been offered on November 11.
Now, you would have never known about such an interesting fact. On November 11, 1921, an anonymous American soldier was buried in Arlington. Today, his grave site is known as the ‘Tomb of the Unknown Soldier’. As per the American tradition, every year the high-ranking official of the government offers a wreath on this grave. To put in better words, the individual pays respect and honors the soldier for the bravery during the battle of World War I.
From the year 1971 to 1977, interestingly, Veterans Day used to fall on the fourth day of October. Later, it was postponed to November 11, 1978. This is because General R. Ford happened to sign Public Law 94-97.
As stated earlier, people don’t know the difference between Veterans Day and Memorials Day. While Veterans Day is recognized to honor all the veterans regardless of the sacrifice during World War I, Memorial Day is primarily to pay respect to those who passed away in the battle while serving the country.
Much to your surprise, some educational institutes remain open on this day while the others are closed. Though it’s a holiday marked on the calendar, it’s considered legal for a school to stay open and feel free to draft its own policies without the approval of the government. It’s then that schools needn’t fetch the approval of the government.

Perceived as the celebration of the anniversary post World War I, here we have some statistics for you to believe. The number of vets above the age of 65 is 9.4 million while you can count in 1.6 million as far as female veterans are concerned. Well, that’s not all there are 19.3 million vets living in the USA. With these figures, you would actually not find it tough to invite a vet for lunch or dinner and spend an enjoyable time together.


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