As the name suggests, helicopter parenting involves a close watch on the toddler’s activities. Nicknamed as ‘Overparenting’, such a style may include excessive protection and control when it’s actually not required. The term became popular long time back and was introduced in the dictionary in 2011. It applied to parents who are particular about what their children are up to even when they are mature enough to carry out the tasks. So, here are some reasons for which you shouldn’t go for helicopter parenting. To know more about such a kind of parenting, go through relationships books available online or the nearest bookstore.
Most of the parents intend to adopt helicopter parenting with a good intention. But, the case is very much different in the later stages. Parents become strict and ultimately lose the perspective of what their children desire. Since fear and decisions engulf them all the time, kids won’t become independent in the long run. They would feel lonely and not get a chance to enhance their skills while tackling challenges on their way.
In many situations, helicopter parenting backfires. Over involvement might make the child diffident and break the bond between him and his parents. The trust thereby fades away and the child develops lack of confidence in their parents. Maturity won’t work even if the task appears simple and easy to carry out.
Through the years, keeping an eye day in and day out, can never help the child to cope up with stress. Not just that, he or she would have to go about hugging someone in case of disappointments and failures. Not to be forgotten, a child never becomes younger day by day. The toddler must feel free to find ideal solutions to problems. Do skim through the best-selling parenting books to get an idea of what we are talking about.
According to the study of a well known University, overparenting gives way to depression and anxiety. It develops a complex that he or she is unable to face the competitive world. You might end up affecting his or her academic performance and hamper his reasoning abilities. Remember, you won’t be sitting beside the child while he is appearing for a competitive exam. After all, the child has to secure marks for him to feel proud about.
Excessive monitoring would certainly make you feel inferior and deficient. This is because you would be finding a way to cover up your feelings of not having nurtured the child.  
Finally, you would be restricting the child to succeed in doing small things. These could be anything like sliding a lunch box, inside the backpack, combing his hair, or tying shoelaces. Though you know that he possesses physical and mental capabilities, involving yourself would increase difficulties in mastering skills. Besides, you won’t be making it for a desire to do menial tasks. The toddler would always nudge you for help.

We suggest you go through parenting books and give it a thought about what you should adopt. Think about shopping online. You would score deals through plenty of options available on portals.


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