Every household grooves on the celebration of Christmas, but there are some odd facts that you might have never heard about. Well, you don’t need to look anywhere else because we have curated a list which would help you start a conversation quickly. You never know how far the chat would last as the fun never ceases to end. Here’s something which you might have found in books for Christmas.
December 25 was originally observed as Christmas by devout followers of Jesus as you might have read in Christmas books for children. There’s not even a single proof about Mary giving birth to Christ on this day. Besides, different versions of the Bible have never mentioned the date but it’s true that the lord was born during winter. With rituals associated with the shortest day of the year, the pagans were the first to opt for December 25. Believe or not, there wasn’t a custom to celebrate the birthday for many years.
Several wars were the result of this nativity story. When the Christian era started progressing, there was pandemonium among classes and kingdoms over the fact that was Jesus divine when he was born. This led to warfare on a large scale.
Kissing under a mistletoe hails from fertility rites. Since spring (a small stem) symbolizes virility, everyone came up to the conclusion that individuals standing beneath the stem are ready for a casual meet up with their loved ones.
Santa Claus is a fictitious character and never existed anytime before. More than perceiving it to be a legend, people observed this character in mid 19th century. It was at that point of time a newspaper depicted the bearded person through an advertisement that promoted attractive toys and Christmas card books.
It was many years since Christmas was celebrated as an adult ‘Trick or Treat’ more than a holiday for families. While the treat was an ostentatious celebration time with people drinking raucously, the trick comprised of threatening others and trespassing as well as knocking down property of those whom they had never met before.
To set aside the age of tradition of drinking, Victorians namely Clement Moore introduced Christmas tree. This was a part of a social movement with a common objective of reforming the way Christmas was celebrated. Surely, it’s through this invention the idea of gifting cropped up in people’s mind. Finally, the spirit of giving grew enormously and joy, and love spread through the years.

Last but not the least, a holiday was never marked on the calendar on account of Christmas. It’s just a recent addition.Since 1850, December 25 was not considered as a day off in England. During those years, people could shop easily through outlets because they used to remain open till dusk. Moreover, children had to attend school and business ventures too remained open all day long.


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