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Columbus day is recognized for the arrival of the great Renaissance explorer, Christopher Columbus in America. It was way back in the year 1492 when this European settlement was founded and a cultural exchange took place between the continents namely, Europe and America. It was during that period of time, European immigrants introduced certain principles in America. These were mainly related with art, music, philosophy, religion and medicine. This worked way beyond to chisel USA with the inclusion of Judeo-Christian ethics with the perception that there is no discrimination between men who are equal in sight. On October 12, 1792, it was the first time when the day was celebrated with great pomp and show. It was at that time Columbus was honored by the New York Society of Tammany on the 300th anniversary of his first expedition. 

About Christopher Columbus

Born in Genoa in the year 1451, Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer who took sailing as his passion at a tender age of 14. He was actively involved in many trips around Europe. In 1485, he left Spain and explored the routes which were navigated for trading in the western regions of the globe. After persistently trying to acquire support from Spanish monarchs, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella for eight years, the kingdom decided to fund for the voyage. They were convinced with the objective of bringing back gold, spices and silk as well as spreading the word of the Bible across the world. After five weeks from August 3, 1492, Columbus and his team discovered land which was recognized to be the islands of Cuba and Hispaniola. It took 300 years for Columbus to land on America. In 1934, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt broadcasted Columbus Day as a national holiday with the date set ahead to 12th October. Later in 1971, the celebration started to take place on second Monday in the month of October. 

About how the day is celebrated

Columbus's arrival symbolizes Italian heritage. Parades and street fairs in remembrance to the Italian heritage. Moreover, native residents honor the indigenous people of the America on this day. It gives a golden opportunity not only to learn but also to educate others with Native American history and culture. For sure, your little one would be fascinated with what you would teach. During the entire day, an individual would not find USA brimming with activity when it’s a non working day for schools, banks, post offices as well as government offices. Instead, it would be spreading joy and happiness all around. Buy history books during a Columbus Day sale. Do also get started off for Columbus Day offers

Why the holiday is opposed?

Christopher Columbus started off his voyage with a prime objective to conquer landscapes. But, the natives were forced to become slaves to get what they wanted to achieve. In the process of spreading about Christ, it seemed that the team persuaded people to get baptized and be an ardent follower of Jesus Christ. Besides, destruction was brought to America because many diseases were introduced thereby landing up in wiping out entire communities. If you are keen in knowing more about American history, then you should go shopping online books when Columbus Day sales has been announced. You would certainly find different views which might have not been taught while you were in high school. But, surely, you can’t deny the fact that the Day gives you a chance to learn about the Age of Exploration and recognize the progress of the United States. 


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